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Reiki Courses

Why choose a Usui Reiki Course?


Why choose a Usui Reiki Course?
The wonderful art of Reiki is a beautiful healing energy which brings balance, harmony and peace to oneself and others. If you feel drawn to learning about Reiki and wish to embark on this wonderful journey then please feel free to contact me for full details.
Reiki First Degree
An introduction to Reiki, including what is Reiki and how it works. Understand the history of Reiki and its origins. An introduction to the teachings and principles of Reiki in accordance with its founder Mikao Usui. You will have an understanding of the Chakra system and learn breathing, meditation techniques and much more. This level will bring about increased self awareness and a clearer understanding of how to initiate self healing and healing for family and friends.
Reiki Second Degree
This is the next progression step following your first degree. A summary and refresher of your previous teaching, you will learn about the aura and its importance when working with Reiki energy. You will be introduced to the first three Usui symbols and how to use and understand them in order to empower your healing. You will have an understanding of distance healing and how to work with it. As level 2 is Practitioner Level, you will learn all aspects of how to professionally run your own business.
Reiki Master Degree
Reiki Master Degree carries great responsibility and a step which must not be taken lightly. You will have reached a greater level of understanding in the art of Reiki and have gained experience with working with this energy. You will be introduced to the Tibetan and Usui master symbols, learn the history of holistic health and have a clear understanding of your role as a Reiki Master. There will be a guided meditation and much more.
Reiki Master/Teacher Degree
This course is in addition to the Reiki Master level and is available should you wish to continue your Reiki journey. Teaching Reiki carries great responsibility, you will have reached a greater level of understanding and experience when working with this beautiful energy. Not everyone feels guided to become a teacher of Reiki, but if you feel it is your next step then you will be mentored in how to teach others, give attunements and guide and mentor your own students, whilst still undergoing your own spiritual development which is a life long process.
What is included in my Reiki Course?
Reiki First Degree is a one day course. The other three courses are all two days each. Included in these courses will be your course manual, certification, attunement, teachings, light lunch and all necessary course supplies. There will be ongoing support and guidance following your course.
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