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Indian Head Massage

What is Indian Head Massage?

Indian Head Massage is one of the fastest growing holistic therapies available today and yet it has been practised in India for over 5,000 years.

Stress is so destructive to our general health; it doesn't just impact upon our physical, but affects our emotional, mental and spiritual health. Indian Head Massage is a wonderful antidote for all stress related problems, promoting a sense of wellbeing, calm and total relaxation.

Indian Head Massage is an holistic therapy, whereby assisting to bring balance and inner harmony to the mind, body and spirit.

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Releases Endorphins to bring a sense of Health & Happiness

Relieves Migraine/Tension Headaches, Muscular Tension & Eyestrain

Improves Concentration

Aids Detoxification of Waste Products & Toxins

Stimulates Hair Growth & Improves Skin Condition

Increases Muscle Tone

Relieves Insomnia & Restlessness

Helps Reduce Symptoms of Depression & Anxiety

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